Hollybush Farm Produce Ltd
Pies and pastries from the heart of East Anglia

Sausage Rolls frozen unbaked

4" standard    x60

5" standard   x120

6" standard   x100

6" standard cuts & glazed

8" standard cuts & glazed

5" butchers quality

6" butchers quality

8" butchers quality

8" sage & onion

8" sage & onion shortcrust

5" Handmade


Pasties & slices frozen unbaked

cornish pasty  200gm x36

cornish pasty d-shaped 200gm x36

Norfolk/ Suffolk handmade pasty 300gm x 24

Steak slice 185gm  x36

chicken & mushroom slice 185gm x 36

minced beef & onion slice 185gm x36

cheese & onion pasty 185 gm x36

chilli pasty 185gm x36

curried vegetable x 36

cheese brocolli & sweetcron slice

cheese & bacon turnover

sausage & onion turnover

breakfast turnover




Pies frozen unbaked

steak & kidney pie 185gms x36

steak & ale pie 185gms x36

steak & onion pie 185gms x 36

chicken & mushroom pie 185gms x36

chicken balti 185gms x 36

chicken, leek & asparagus 185gms x36

minced beef & onion pie 185gms x 36

minced beef & mushy pea 185gms x36

meat & potato pie 185gms x36

family steak & kidney pie 4 portion

family steak & ale 4 portion

family chicken & mushroom 4 portion

catering steak & kidney 12 portion

catering steak & ale 12 portion

catering minced beef & onion 12 portion

catering chicken & mushroom 12 portion

Buffet range frozen unbaked

cheese & onion pasties x 100

cornish pasties x 100

sausage rolls x100

sage & onion sausage rolls x 100

cheese straws x 250



Pastry  puff or block

block pastry 454gms x 8

block pastry 5k x 2

block pastry 1k x 5 


Baked products

sausage roll 5" wrapped & labelled

sausage roll 8"

cornish pasty wrapped and labelled

cheese& onion pasty wrapped & labelled

steak & kidney pie

chicken & mushroom pie

steak & ale pie

minced beef & onion pie

chicken balti pie

Hand raised

pork pie 6oz/1lb

pork & onion marmalade pie 6oz /1lb

pork cheese & pickle pie 6oz /1lb

Huntsman Pie 2.5lb/5lb(pork, chicken &ham)

ploughmans pie 2.5lb/5lb(pork, cheese & pickle)

gala pie with egg 5lb

onion marmalade 2.5lb

figit pie 2.5lb(pork, stuffing& apple)


Game Pies

venison, game and rabbit pies available please ring for info



Quiche & flans

quiche lorraine individual x 12

quiche lorraine family 4 portion

quiche lorraine catering 12 portion

cheese & onion individual x 12

cheese & onion family

cheese & onion catering




unit d, Hollybush Farm, Buxhall, Stowmarket, Suffolk, IP14 3DP tel 01449737838  fax 01449737889


Schools range

3.5" healthy eating sausage roll(just 11% fat)

6" healthy eating sausage roll

3.5 " chick pea roll( low allergens-low fat)

small balti vegetable pasty

small cheese & onion pasty